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Why Listing Your Home on MLS Matters

05/25/23  |  Jenna Leggette

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to use the MLS when selling your home.

MLS stands for “Multiple Listing Service.” It’s a tool that realtors use to share data about properties for sale. It’s a great way for sellers to connect with potential buyers who are shopping for Media, PA, real estate. There’s a small fee to list a home on the MLS, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. If you’re on the fence about whether or not this is necessary, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t skip this step.

1. You’ll find quality buyers

The MLS shares some data with third-party listing sites. However, the full site is only available for licensed realtors. This gives you a better chance to reach motivated buyers who have already started working with a local agent to find a home to purchase. These are the buyers who will want to learn more about your home and who may be more likely to schedule in-person showings. 

2. You’ll take fewer phone calls

The MLS shares more information about Media, PA, real estate than what you’ll find on most third-party listing sites. A potential buyer — and their agent — can learn much more about a home than what they might find on other sources. This will save you from having to answer more questions from the other party as they consider whether or not they are interested in your home. 

3. You’ll attract greater interest

In a competitive market, some homes sell before they ever hit the public market. However, even if you think your home has a chance to sell quickly, you only stand to benefit from involving more potential buyers. If you choose to list your home on the MLS and it nets you two additional highly motivated buyers beyond anyone who might have had an interest in your house before it hit the market, you may find yourself deciding between multiple competitive offers or facilitating a bidding war for your home. 

4. It helps you monitor trends

The MLS will give your realtor a clearer idea of what trends are developing on the market and what other properties may be listed for sale nearby. This can help you make better decisions about how to price your home to gain a competitive advantage. 

5. Some buyers get notifications

Once buyers are pre-qualified for a loan and begin working with a realtor to shop for a home, the realtor likely has a system in place that they can use to alert them when homes become available on the MLS. They can customize these features to make them aware of homes that are available in a certain area or for a certain price. This can be especially advantageous if buyers are shopping in a hot market. Some homes will go under contract quickly, and if they’re receiving real-time notifications when a new property hits the MLS, they give themself a fighting chance to secure the home for themselves. 

This matters for you as the seller because your home is more likely to sell for a price higher than asking if it hasn’t spent much time on the market.  

6. You can optimize your listing with specific keywords

When you list your home on the MLS, there’s a limit on how many characters you can include. This forces you to be concise when talking about your home. Keep in mind that many buyers will use keywords when they search the MLS, and if you know what those keywords are, you can include several in your listing to give you a greater chance of connecting with more potential buyers.   

7. You can include pictures

Since you can’t say everything you want to say about your home, you’ll rely on pictures to bridge the gap. Pictures are usually a better touchpoint anyway since people likely want to see what your home looks like on the inside before they decide if it’s worth their time to come and see the property in person. When you take pictures of your home, ensure you take professional quality pictures with a camera that isn’t your phone. Your realtor probably has experience in this area and would be happy to recommend a professional photographer. 

8. Interested buyers can quickly contact your agent

In addition to information about your house, the MLS listing will also include your realtor’s direct contact information. This way, if there’s a buyer who has more questions about the home or who wants to schedule a showing, they can easily contact your realtor to make plans or get the information that they need. 

9. Interested buyers can search by criteria

Most third-party listing sites will allow you to shop for homes based on certain filters. You can look for homes at certain price points or in certain neighborhoods. However, when you use the MLS, you can filter your search by a wider range of criteria. If a buyer finds your home while searching for homes that meet specific qualifications, they may have a greater interest in seeing your home than if they simply saw the listing along with all of the other listings for homes for sale. Your home has already checked a box that’s important for them, which could leave them wanting to learn more.

Work with a qualified Media, PA, real estate agent

When you’re ready to list your home, Jenna Leggette would love to assist you. Jenna is passionate about helping her clients through the entire process of buying or selling their homes. She has over 13 years of Media, PA, real estate experience, and she takes pride in connecting with her clients and working hard to get them the best possible deal. She would love to help you list your home on the MLS, and she’ll stand by your side all the way through closing day.